The Bonnechere River
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Adventures in Ontario

This past Memorial Day weekend, I embarked on a road trip to the Ontario Province of Canada with three close friends (Kaye, Sionnan, and Ange) with the goal of attending the Witches' Sabbat retreat at Raven's Knoll. The journey took 7 hours one way (so 14 total) from Philadelphia to Ottawa, and even though it was… Continue reading Adventures in Ontario

PAX East 2016 Expo Hall

PAX East 2016

From April 21st-24th I made my way, for the second time, to the city of Boston to work for the PAX East 2016 convention. Last year I successfully joined the ranks of Enforcers (part-time workers employed by Penny Arcade for the duration of the convention) and it was an absolute blast, so naturally I knew I would… Continue reading PAX East 2016

Emerald Bay State Park

Little River Roundtable | Spring 2015

Woah! Time flies when you're having fun (or your life is really busy, either way!) Let me tell you about some cool things that I did this Spring (shh, I know we're in Summer now. I'm definitely behind on writing!): PAX East 2015 This past March 2015, I attended PAX East for the first time! And by… Continue reading Little River Roundtable | Spring 2015


Little River Roundtable | Winter 2015

What's going on in Brooke's world?? I. Think Dirty Ever wonder what's REALLY in your makeup? What about your lotion, or favorite shampoo? If you're anything like me, reading the ingredients listed on most of our common toiletries makes about as much sense as quantum physics. If we're to take the advice of intelligent articles like this one,… Continue reading Little River Roundtable | Winter 2015